The most precious things you make are memories

Fractional ownership is increasingly being used to buy homes because people don’t want to either spend all their time in one place, or spend a large amount of money on somewhere they do not live for a large part of the year (most people spend only 4-6 weeks per year in their second homes, the rest being left empty: a tragic waste, financially, ecologically and socially). Moreover, people are increasingly finding that owning an overseas property involves far too many hassles (and costs) that detract from the whole experience – Le Mas du Figuier is set-up so that you just turn up and enjoy: beds made, towels clean, whole house immaculate, all on-site facilities ready for you, the house manager living on site to help you if required…

It is NOT a posh timeshare! With fractional ownership, you co-own the actual house, the bricks and mortar. The initial capital outlay reflects this equity element. In the interim, you get apportioned a share of the occupancy i.e. in this case either 6 weeks per year, or part-occupancy for an even longer period (for a one-eighth share). All running costs are shared equally amongst owners, proportionate to the share of the house they own. In an ideal world, you therefore spend say 6 weeks per year at the property (exclusive occupancy) and when you collectively sell the home, you make a profit on your investment too: you have been paid to spend time there over the years!