Memories are the best things in life

If you want more information on this or any of the Authentic properties, ventures and investments, please contact me directly:

Mobile 07500 229574

Or if any of the below apply to you, then let’s talk so we can make your investments more rewarding!

  • money sat in ISAs earning minimal interest
  • money sat in pensions, invested in who knows what, paying God knows what charges, making what returns?
  • not used your SEIS allowance up this year
  • lack of diversity in your investment  portfolio
  • want access to a beautiful second home but haven’t got a spare million / don’t want to pay the full cost and hassle of managing it
  • need help with funding for a business idea or venture 

I am equally happy to talk about charities, politics, balanced lifestyle investing and many other topics for the price of a pint in my favourite pub Martins’ Pond (which I may just have a direct personal interest in).