Ski the magnificent Cevennes

The only place one can ski where you can see not only the Alps and the Pyrenees, but also the Mediterranean, is Prat Peyrot, on the stunning Mont Aigoual in the magnificent Cevennes. Conveniently that is only 50 miles from Le Mas du Figuier….. about 90 minutes drive: easy for family, fun day trips. It is a hidden local secret, many outside of the area have never heard of: it is certainly not flashy nor very big, but it is where all the locals go each year, and where I intend to teach my girls to ski……. its unique position between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean weather systems also means it is one of the snowiest places in France, despite its relatively low altitude, as well as incredibly beautiful! For example, at the start of 2017, it snowed 60 cm (2 feet!) over two days at the end of January, which ensured February was a full month of wonderful skiing (note snow canons are available to ensure snow cover in other times)!

This is a definite bonus for this house: it is by no means a house you should buy for skiing reasons, but it is definitely a house you can use for skiing! Another dimension for the winter…


Price€100 (€50) for an adult (child) full season lift pass (or €20 / €12 per day)!
Snow65-85 snow cannons to maintain snow cover
Pistes9km / 12-15 mixed ability (green / blue / red) tree-lined pistes; vast network of ski touring trails covering 30-60km
Lifts11-12 surface lifts
Ski SchoolEcole de Ski Francais (individual @ €40 per hour or group lessons @ €18 per hour each / €90 per group)